Protecting the Public and the Acupuncture Profession in South Dakota

Acupuncture Society of South Dakota

Supporting the acupuncture profession and properly trained acupuncturists while protecting and educating the public in South Dakota


Protecting The Acupuncture Profession

Supporting The Acupuncture Profession In South Dakota

Acupuncture  Is Being Hikacked By Non-Acupuncturists

The purpose of the Acupuncture Society of South Dakota is to
increase public awareness of properly educated and adequately trained
acupuncturists in South Dakota.

The Acupuncture Society of South Dakota is a not for profit professional organizationestablished to support the efforts of properly trained acupuncturists in their clinical practices and their work  toward regulation and licensing in South Dakota.

This requires that acupuncture practitioners have passed the national acupuncture board examinations and graduated from an approved and accredited graduate college or university of acupuncture. 

(see: for a list of approved and accredited institutions)
The Acupuncture Profession is being hijacked by inadequately trained practitioners In South Dakota. The public must be informed and the authentic and properly educated acupuncturists must be supported since they are the best and most qualified providers of acupuncture in South Dakota. 

It is the role of the the Acupuncture Society to educate the public about this disturbing intrusion of the acupuncture profession by dangerously  and inadequately trained non-acupuncturists .

Members of the  Acupuncture Society of South Dakota host  free talks  in their communites in order to educate the public  about  acupuncture, how it can help them and how to find a properly trained practitioner to ensure the safest and most effective care.

Public Safety Comes With  Proper Acupuncture Education Standards

South Dakota's current double standard in  acupuncture training requirements are due to loopholes that were amended to the practice acts of these other professions in order to bypass the nationally accepted standards of acupuncture education and training.  These loophole amendments were added when the Acupunctuer Profession did not have a strong voice or lobby in South Dakota.  If there was strong collective voice at that time, the Acupuncture Profession would have attempted to block them, as it has in other States. 

These professions knew exactly what they were doing when they amended their practice acts with acupuncture loopholes.  They knew they would be deceptively holding themselves out to the public as appropriately trained acupuncturists and they thought nobody would ever find out the truth.

The Acupuncture Society of South Dakota will not allow the public to be tricked and lied to anymore.
The Acupuncture Profession now has a voice in South Dakota.

Acupuncture and Chiropractic Are Unrelated Professions

Acupuncture Has Nothing To Do With Chiropractic
The public is being confused by the heavy marketing by the chiropractic profession and others that are tricking them into thinking these practitioners are appropriately trained acupuncturists.

 The public can't tell the difference between the fakes and the authentic, properly educated acupunctursits in South Dakota.  It is the role of the Acupuncture Society to help educate the public and expose the lies of these deceptive practitioners.

Do not believe your chiropractor is adequately trained in acupuncture even when they show you their fancy looking acupuncture certificate or diploma from some "academy" since it is not adequate
or recognized training by the well established standards of the acupuncture profession.  Make sure they are graduates of an accredited college or university of acupuncture (see:

These "crash course" training programs were created by chiropractors for chiropractors.   Their diplomas and certificates are designed to be deceptive and fool the public ​into thinking their chiropractor has completed the appropriate training in acupuncture.

  Don't be fooled by the deceptively fancy looking diploma or certificate. It is not an accredited degree program and is  insufficient education that does not meet the accepted minimum basic standards for education in the field of acupuncture. 

Acupuncture is not simply some technique in which  a practitioner gets "certified" to practice with efficacy and safety after only 100 hours or with home study course.  This is an insult to the Acupuncture Profession and the patients that seek appropriate care from properly trained practitioners.

Acupuncture is its own distict and seperate healthcare field with established standards of education and accredited degree granting colleges and universities throughout the United States, Canada,  South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
• Chiropractors (D.C.s)- need only 100 hours of training, review 25 case histories and no examination to legally perform "acupuncture" in South Dakota.

• Medical Doctors (M.D.s) and Doctors of Osteopathy (D.O.s) have no minimum training requirements to do "acupuncture" in this South Dakota. They call themselves "Medical Acupuncturist"

Properly trained acupuncturists have graduated from a minimum of a three to four year full-time acupuncture program (over 3,300 hours).

For a list of approved colleges see:

Training includes over 550 hours of supervised clinical practice in a college clinic.

These acupuncture college graduates obtain accredited Master's or Doctoral degrees in Acupuncture and pass National Board examinations that are accepted as the standard in the Acupuncture profession (and have nothing to do with the chiropractic profession).